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My primary mission as the LINT LIBERATOR is to reduce the number of dryer fires. My brother Bill Kramer served as a fire fighter for the last 40 years. He was an Assistant Chief in Cincinnati and retired as the Chief of Deerfield Township. He often spoke of the property and lives lost because of a clogged dryer vent.

The reason I do safety inspections for FREE is because I do not want money to be the reason for anyone to go even one more day with danger lurking in their dryer vent. To properly check the safety of a dryer vent I use an anemometer to measure the speed of the exhaust. I also run a camera into the vent up to 35 feet. Who knows I might find that missing Christmas sock.

The company that cleaned my vent charged me $317.28. That did include a new hose to run from the dryer back to the vent. After paying over $300.00 I felt stupid and was angry. I decided there must be a better way so more people can afford it. That is why my price is less than half of what they charge using the same professional equipment. And if the customer is not sure that they will even have enough money for groceries I will clean the vent at no charge. No one should have to sleep with such danger lurking in the dryer. I am trying my best to reduce house fires one dryer vent at a time.


Watch the video below from Inside Edition.

Have you been wondering why it is taking two or three cycles to dry your clothes? This Is a sure sign that your dryer vent is clogged restricting airflow. You cannot move moisture if you are not moving air. The most common comment from my customers is how much quicker their dryer works after I have cleaned their dryer vent.

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Dryer lint is so flammable that I use it start fires in our fireplace. If the lint build up in your dryer or dryer vent gets too hot you will become a statistic. Inside Edition reported that over 15,000 homes burnt last year due to dryer fires. What happens is a clogged vent prevents the hot air from escaping.

Customer Feedback